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The Senior Thesis

Each year Mr. Gorey’s AP Literature class goes on a literary journey, exploring their interests in the form of an extended research project. Every student chooses a topic, creates a question about it, and reads a minimum of three works of literature about that essential question. This is a process that includes a trip to the library at Bowdoin for special research. Some of the topics this year included a look at drug use during the Beat Generation, the reality of the American Dream, why Superheroes and Survival narratives are so loved in society, and can Young Adult novels be considered literature. If you want to read any of these essays or learn more about the project see Mr. Gorey!

Xanadu the Musical Coming to BRHS

Coming this weekend to BRHS is Xanadu the Musical, a 1980s explosion that combines Greek Goddesses, magic, and roller skating in one.

The show follows aspiring artist Sonny Malone in 80s Venice Beach, California as he attempts to open the world’s first roller disco. He is helped along the way by the Muses of Inspiration. The road to the disco is challenged by jealousy, a curse, and falling in love.

The cast includes:

Gabe Purin (Sonny Malone), Gretchen Elder (Clio/Kira), Annielyn Mackusick (Melpomene), Marissa Farnham (Erato/Hero), Jaime Wheeler (Thalia/Aphrodite), Draco Peaslee (Danny), Sierra Murray (Calliope), Hayden Brewer (Zeus), Oliyshia Carrow (Euterpe/Thetis), Emory Lorrain (Terpsicore/Hermes/Cupid)

This is a one weekend event! Shows are Saturday, May 14th at 2 pm and 7pm and Sunday, May 15th at 2 pm!

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