Politics Take Over BRHS

With the election approaching, political events have become prominent at our school. Senator Angus King came to speak with the students on Thursday about his role in government and provided ample time for questions to be asked. Students were provided with an inside look at what being a senator is really like: the constant traveling, his various responsibilities, and the time he makes for his family.  The following day we were provided with an inside look at the junior AP Language classes debate that included a local, state, and federal issue. The issues debated were in regard to the roundabout, legalization of recreational marijuana, and the presidential race. They began with opening statements, then debated back and forth in a  civil manner, followed by opening the discussion to the audience, and ending with the closing statements. They followed this structure for each question that was debated. Concluding the political take over at BRHS, will be the mock election held on Tuesday, November 8th, which is also election day. Students registered to vote on the 7th which was required for the voting process the next day. The mock election will take place during CORE and students will be given the opportunity during that time to place their vote on questions that are going to be on the November 8th ballot.

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