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Poems From Ms. Hammond’s Creative Writing Class


By Eve Dolloff

When you are old, look back on these memories.
Look back on all the decisions you have made.
Look back at all the mistakes and regrets, as you
Will see them filled with your life and soul.

Remember all the late night adventures with
People you loved, and hated, all at the same time.
Look back on the decades of loss, and love.
Feel the same feelings as you one did.

Reflect on your emotions you felt in your youth.
Look back on your accomplishments and
Failures, as they have proved your worth

The Rollercoaster of Life

By Larisa Greenleaf

When you grow up
You can’t see anything the same anymore
Everything seems so lifeless and dull now
Like the remains of an
Abandoned theme park
All rusted and broken down
The colors dulled
And everything slowly decaying
Where all your hopes and dreams
From your childhood
Are left to rot

Where you ride the same rides
Day after day
Only this time
And you’re stuck on this painful ride
Due to your own failure
Where you either choose to run the ride until the end
Or just sit back
Watching everything collapse around you

Where after a while
You feel too nauseous
To eat the same, greasy food
Day after day
But you have to eat
Because you can’t stand the hunger anymore

Where the rules
Are laid out for you
And you choose to either
Follow them and stay
Or don’t and get kicked out
Until you are ready to

Where the halls of the Fun House
Echo the harsh words and taunts
From the voice you once thought was friendly
Where the games
No longer feel like games
But more like tasks on which you are judged

Where you have to follow the directions
Even if you don’t understand
Even if doing it your way is easier
Where even though
You’re surrounded by the ghosts of others
And you’re surrounded by so much land
You feel so alone
So isolated
Like you’re trapped in a small, locked box
With no escape
Unless someone from the outside is willing to help you out
Willing to save you from your own confinement

Where no matter where you go
In the massive theme park
The heavy feeling of dread and misery
Covers everything
Like a thick fog

It makes you wish you were a kid again
Where everything seemed so colorful and alive

But now you’re stuck
We’re all stuck
In this abandoned theme

The Air

By Alexandra Nein

The air.
Smelling like the ocean,
salty and fresh,
making my toes tingle.
The breeze,
slapping my face.
Reminding me of my past.

The waves, as I watch,
are moving too fast.
Clearing away the sand castles,
leaving nothing.

Feeling the rough sand,
beneath my feet,
and itching my toes.
The rocks scraping my feet.
Pointy and sharp.


Boothbay Blows Out the 2016 Fall Sports Banquet

           On the 15th of November the Boothbay sports teams congregated for a night of jubilation and glee.  Boothbay held their 409th seasonal sports banquet honoring all of the fall sports athletes.  More specifically each team selected three of their student athletes for MVP, most improved, and coaches award.  Teams, including field hockey, soccer, cross country, and football, first gathered individually to mingle and discuss their long and prosperous seasons. Success was a common theme throughout the wide variety of America’s favorite pastimes played this fall season.  Field hockey won their first playoff games in the history of the school and soccer won their first playoff game in fourteen years. The football team participated in their first ever independent league season and finished with five wins and one loss.  And finally, for the fourth year in a row, the boy’s cross country team won the Mountain Valley Conference, as well as finishing first in the southern Maine Class C championship meet.

          The 2016 Seahawk field hockey team had an outstanding season winning eight games and finishing fifth in Class C North. The Seahawks earned a tournament berth and upset No. 4 Central in Corinth. The team also set the team scoring record with 53 goals and was the only MVC team to score in every contest. Sydney Meader led the conference in goals and received MVP for the Seahawks. The team’s Most Improved Player Award went to Hali Goodwin, who demonstrated skill at multiple positions. Page Brown received the Coach’s Award. Jordan described her as “a player who works hard, digs deep and is involved in the play no matter where the ball is.”


Coach Dionne commended the Seahawk’s football team for pushing through the adversity, and overcoming the challenge that changing leagues presented, as well as their improvement over the season, eventually beating a team in Class D, that they lost to the prior season, 28-6 in the last game of the season. Carter Babcock, a senior and team captain was named MVP, with Coach Dionne crediting his hustle, determination, and leadership on and off the field.  Not only that, but he was the team leader in tackles, rushing yards and scores overall. Next due to a tie in the football team’s voting, there were two co-most improved players.  Nick Simpson and Cameron Crocker were both awarded for their hard work and desire for improvement throughout their seasons.  Coach Dionne praised them on their ability to go from a  small role on the varsity team in the prior year, to key players and for the majority of games being being varsity starters on both sides of the ball.  Finally another senior and team captain, Duncan Drapeau was awarded with the coaches award.  Again leadership and a strong work ethic were brought up by Coach Dionne, along with the quality of being extremely “coachable.”


         The successful boys cross country team, which not only won their conference and the southern regional meets in class C, but also the conference sportsmanship award for the fourth year in a row, were up next.  Kyle Ames was named MVP of the 2016 season, Coach Nick Scott praised him for his constant hard work and “grit.”  Senior Sam Betts was awarded with the team’s most improved after his fourth year on the team.  Coach Scott offered an anecdote mentioning Sam’s battle to beat a sub 20 minute race time in the past three season, but through hard work and determination he was able to post multiple sub 20 minute race times this season.  Last, but not least, the Coach’s Award went to Blake Erhard, who as only a sophomore, is already competing at a high level, and through hard work and dedication, Coach Scott says he has potential to be one of the best runners in the conference.


       On the girl’s side of the cross country team there was another very successful season.  The Lady Seahawks took home the second place in the conference championship meet for the fourth season in a row.  Coach Scott, understandably, named Faith Blethen the team MVP, as she, in only her second year in highschool battled through injury and came in first place individually for not only the conference championships, but the regional ones as well.  Most improved went to Delly Clarkson who Coach Scott credited for from the beginning of the season to the end finished eight minutes faster than when she started.  Senior, Kate Friant after her fourth year on the team, finished strong with her best season to date, with not only her times, but also with even higher levels of determination and leadership.


        The Boothbay soccer team not only made the playoffs for the second consecutive season under Coach Ben Powell, but they even made team history, winning their first preliminary game victory in fourteen years over Mount Abram! Boothbay captured the 10th and final Class D South playoff spot in the last regular season game, beating Lisbon 4-0. Boothbay ended the season with a solid record of 5 wins and 11 losses. The most improved player went to Olivia Paolilo who managed to score in the Seahawks playoff berth. The team’s MVP award went to the Seahawk Sophomore Reagan Cola, who has two bright seasons ahead of her. Powell selected Angie Perkins for the coaches award, calling her, “the most coachable player I’ve ever had.”


            Overall Boothbay made it’s community proud this fall season, and the rest is history.


All photos credited to Bill Pearson at the Boothbay Register

Poem of the Week: December 5th to December 11th

In spirit of the first winter snow-fall today, the poem of the week is about winter! Enjoy 🙂


Robert Louis Stevenson, 18501894

Late lies the wintry sun a-bed,   
A frosty, fiery sleepy-head;   
Blinks but an hour or two; and then,   
A blood-red orange, sets again.   
Before the stars have left the skies, 
At morning in the dark I rise;   
And shivering in my nakedness,   
By the cold candle, bathe and dress.   
Close by the jolly fire I sit   
To warm my frozen bones a bit; 
Or with a reindeer-sled, explore   
The colder countries round the door.   
When to go out, my nurse doth wrap   
Me in my comforter and cap;   
The cold wind burns my face, and blows 
Its frosty pepper up my nose.   
Black are my steps on silver sod;   
Thick blows my frosty breath abroad;   
And tree and house, and hill and lake,   
Are frosted like a wedding-cake.