A Ball Abandoned

A Ball Abandoned

Atop the grassy knoll I lie
Though not in slumber I fear.
I am stranded here among the grass…
Cast aside be my owner
And left by them to die.

My color fades;
The cruel doing of the sun, rain, and wind.
While once a brilliant verdant
My color now resembles that of my surroundings;
Dying grass blades.

I once brought great pleasure-
“Wilson 1” proudly plastered across my face-
My bouncing was cavorting,
My spirits high-
But time, ah time stole such light from me,
And gave my owner a new tennis ball for he or she to treasure.

So heed my lesson reader, please I beg you to:
No good thing lasts for ever
No love stays pure and true,
But in this life there will be others to place such value on you.
Like the dog which so happily picked me up, in his mouth to chew.

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