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Yuda Bands

The Boothbay Interact Club is participating in an international project, selling yuda bands. Yuda bands are $7 bracelets handmade in Guatemala and sold in US schools to fund education in Guatemala and Zimbabwe.  We were supposed to sell 234 bands to help fund the little girls we chose to sponsor, Karla. However, we fell short of our mark, only selling 208 bands, but the funds we received from those that are sold will still go towards this girls education. Other schools that sold over the goals can then compensate for the ones that we didn’t sell. This project took a lot of effort and was a great learning experience for this club and a great international project for us to take on.


Taylor Tip-Off Recap

Last month, sophomore, Faith Blethen, organized a “purple day” to encourage the students of BRHS to wear purple to show their support for victims of domestic violence. The foundation started eight years ago when the Taylor sisters lost their parents to domestic violence. There are basketball tournaments all over Maine, called the Taylor Tip-Off, to raise money for this foundation. This is a statement made by Faith, a member of the Maine Firecrackers who participated in the tournament this year.

“Congratulations BRHS on rallying to raise $375.00! I am very proud of and thankful for everyone’s generous donations towards such an important cause. Once again, 100% of the money we raised will go to young victims of domestic violence, and their families. The money you raised was donated in my name and the basketball team that I played on in this great tournament. The Firecracker-Briggs’ team that our school’s money was donated through raised a record team amount of $4,063! All of you contributed to me raising $1,164 individually, which is a new tournament record as well. The tournament all together raised over $32,000 for children who have had their lives rocked like nothing many of us can imagine. Thank you Boothbay Region High School again for your remarkable efforts and participation on purple day. This speaks highly to the community and character of our student-body for stepping up to this challenge and making such a huge impact.”

Shakespeare Is Invading the AP Literature Class

Throughout this past week, we have been reading Hamlet in class, portraying different characters and discussing the meanings behind Shakespeare’s words. While we had only made it through about Act I, we still decided to go and watch the performance anyways. The performance we watched wasn’t done live, but in fact being streamed to the theater in Damariscotta. A fellow student, Madison Stahle thinks “The play was engaging in how it was an accurate depiction of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, with a modern twist.” Despite how long the production was, a little over three hours, and the Shakespearean English, many students still found it to be entertaining and enjoyed the show. Another student, Molly Thibault thought “It was a very well put together production. It really helped me understand the language of the play by seeing it in action.” Overall it was a good experience for our class to create a deeper understanding of Shakespeare’s work.

The Holiday Cheer is Lighting Up BRHS

img_0903The Festival of Lights and Gardens Aglow have been taking over our small town. Driving through town you’ll see many businesses and restaurants that are decked out in twinkling lights. Our school will soon be added to the list. On Tuesday, November 22nd, BRHS seniors will spend the day decorating our school so it can glow along with the rest of the illuminated town. This will be the second year that Gardens Aglow has been bringing business to our little town. This year they doubled the size of the display as well as the number of lights; the previous year there was 130,000 lights and now this year there are 360,000. Last year 36,000 people arrived to view this beautiful light show. This year they plan to bring in more visitors, around 50,000. Some factors that they hope to contribute to the growing number of visitors are: the larger amount of the lights, more food options, including food trucks and a s’mores station, and the 2 free tickets that were sent out to home within Boothbay, Southport, Edgecomb, East Boothbay, and Boothbay Harbor. There is also a competition that the Botanical Gardens is putting on which is a contest for residents of the town that live on a public road. The goal of the contest is to have the prettiest, biggest, and brightest display in town. The first place winner receives $2,500! Our school can’t wait to participate in this community-wide phenomena.

Politics Take Over BRHS

With the election approaching, political events have become prominent at our school. Senator Angus King came to speak with the students on Thursday about his role in government and provided ample time for questions to be asked. Students were provided with an inside look at what being a senator is really like: the constant traveling, his various responsibilities, and the time he makes for his family.  The following day we were provided with an inside look at the junior AP Language classes debate that included a local, state, and federal issue. The issues debated were in regard to the roundabout, legalization of recreational marijuana, and the presidential race. They began with opening statements, then debated back and forth in a  civil manner, followed by opening the discussion to the audience, and ending with the closing statements. They followed this structure for each question that was debated. Concluding the political take over at BRHS, will be the mock election held on Tuesday, November 8th, which is also election day. Students registered to vote on the 7th which was required for the voting process the next day. The mock election will take place during CORE and students will be given the opportunity during that time to place their vote on questions that are going to be on the November 8th ballot.

School Accreditation

The school accreditation is coming up. The accreditation committee will be arriving October 30th and be staying until November 2nd. The NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges) accreditation is for the school to be reviewed by an outside, non-bias organization.  They will be shadowing students on and off on Monday and Tuesday. There are seven standards: curriculum, instruction, assessment of and for student learning, core values and beliefs, school culture and leadership, school resources for learning, and community resources for learning. The school needs to show evidence of those seven standards in order to be accredited. Our school did a self study and rated themselves on each of these standards. The NEASC committee will evaluate our self study and see if their findings are similar. They will then either provide commendations or recommendations for our school to thrive.


Homecoming week is here and filled with festive events! The week will consist of theme days, hallway decorating, a pep rally, a bonfire and parade, homecoming games, and concluding with the dance Saturday night. On Tuesday  the 11th, the theme days will begin with pajama day. Wednesday will follow with America day and that afternoon there will be both a field hockey game against Telstar and soccer game against Lisbon. Thursday will be a fun filled day, beginning with theme day which consists of each class dressing like their hallway theme. Freshmen theme of choice is the 2016 presidential race. Sophomore’s theme is sleep. Junior’s is haunted house, and Senior’s theme is a winter wonderland. The day will be cut short at 11:30 to provide students with time to remove their hallway decorations and move them onto their floats. That night will conclude with a parade at 6:00 that will run through town, with the bonfire, immediately following, which will last around two hours and have concessions provided. Friday will be spirit day as well as a pep rally in the afternoon and a football game that night against Telstar. The week will come to a close following the dance at the Carousel Theater Saturday night.