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The Symphony of the Forest

A symphony of calls high above

Voices without a form

No body, just sound,

as if it’s the trees themselves.


There is no recitative

There is no intermission

This music has no beginning, no end.

It’s the music of the forest


It started with the first sprout

It will until the fall of the final stoic pillar

Once all the musician have left

And have found a new concert hall

Greg Silverstein

The Child and The Chipmunk

The scream of a child

The screech of chipmunk


One playing

One surviving


The chipmunk does not know of play

The child knows naught of survival


Hundreds of yards and millions of years separation

Yet originating from the same


Is the child blessed or cursed

Is the chipmunk blessed or cursed


One free in the forest

One confined to a schoolyard

Greg Silverstein

Crispy Business

Sun beating down,
Water all around.

A quaint breeze,
Flows throughout the trees.

Studying is in the back of the mind,
Leaving all thoughts behind.

Relaxing in the pool,
Not thinking of school.

Starting to get crispy,
I was feeling risky.

A nice day and yummy food,
Puts Lexi in a good mood.

The day is done,
Feeling beat from the sun.

Lexi Welch

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