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Mathletes Strike Again

The Boothbay Math Team had their third meet last week in Rockland already. Top scorers for Boothbay were Connor Demmons (52) (holy darn!!), Sam Betts (35), and Max Hoecker (27). Boothbay came in fourth in the meet.

For the 2016-17 season, Boothbay is in a low seventh place with 457 total points, trailing local rival Lincoln Academy by a mere 345 points placed in second. “You know, we are in a low right now as a team, mentally and emotionally. As a crucial member of the team, I plan on raising my team’s emotions just before we all sit silently for twelve minutes and do some dank math,” said Griffin Kane, an avid senior mathlete who said he plans on joining the 2017-18 math team as an assistant coach to the Gilchrists.

Boothbay Juniors make up a majority of the math team. In the Central Maine Math League, Connor Demmons (121) is in third, Max Hoecker (79) is in eleventh, Kyle Alley (31) is in thirty first, and Hailey Greenleaf (29) is in thirty second overall. When inquiring non-mathletes why they have not joined already, many anonymous members spoke of the overwhelming “clique” state of the team of juniors as well as finding no time on Wednesday afternoons to come to the practices because of their prescheduled “lavender bubble baths.”

Math Team practices are on Wednesdays from 1:45 pm to 2:45 pm. Come join the team and attend the next meet on January 25th and enjoy some magical snacks!!

The Yuda Band Project

As you may know, the Interact Club will be selling yuda bands in order to sponsor Karla Paredes Huz who is in the 10th grade from San Martin Jilotepeque, Guatemala. The money from these bands will go to further her education. This project is amazing because by giving the gift of education to one child it allows them to provide education for generations to come. The group will be selling the bands at most home basketball games and during locker break on the landing near the snack cart. They will start selling Wednesday the 7th and will conclude on the 21st. Give the gift of wearing the movement this Christmas.

This video is not about the student we are sponsoring, but it does tell a lot about the project itself.

Rolling into Robotics!

      Right now at BRHS Ms. Higgins’ Advanced Robotics class is preparing to compete in the regional VEX competition, where groups of students are tasked with designing and building a robot to compete with other teams from around the world. The skills that the students learn in the class are put to the test on competition day as students learn lifelong skills in leadership, teamwork, and communication.

The Math Team

The Maine Math League is under way and mathletes have already completed their second of 7 meets. 

Math meets are composed of 6 total rounds: 5 individual rounds and the team round. An individual round allows participants 12 minutes to answer 3 questions on a certain topic. Problem 1 is worth 3 points, problem 2 is worth 4 points, and problem 3 is worth 5 points. The points correlate with the questions’ difficulties, respectively. The team round consists of the top 10 scorers on each team to answer 9 questions in 12 minutes. To find the winning team of the meet, scores are taken from the sum of the top 6 scorers on each team.

Meet 2 covered the topics of arithmetic with ratio and proportion, series and sequences, counting principles and the Binomial Theorem, polynomials, and areas and volumes. Boothbay finished in third place with 157 points following Lincoln Academy (268 points) and Camden Hills (166 points).img_7054

Top scorers for Boothbay are Connor Demmons (71 points), Max Hoecker (59 points), Sam Betts (52 points), and Hannah Gentry (35 points). The next math meet will be held on December 7th at Oceanside High School covering the topics of probability, exponents and radicals, polygons and angles, complex numbers, and arithmetic with percent.

Come try out Math Team this Wednesday at 1:45 for some desserts and math.


The Interact Club

The Interact Club is planning to make big strides to accomplish many different international projects as well as a few community projects. For some of us that don’t know, Interact is a club sponsored by and affiliated with the local chapter of Rotary International, which is a service organization. Interact helps get youth excited about service not only in their community but worldwide.

The Interact Club plans to sell yuda bands, which are bracelets made out of coconut and leather. If they are successful and sell 175 bracelets in two weeks they will sponsor a student of their choice in Guatemala for an entire year. We will keep you posted on when and where the club will be selling bracelets in the near future (to learn more visit ).

Another project is The Yellow Tulip Project to fight suicide prevention. Soon students in the club or those affected by suicide will be planting yellow bulbs in the B garden located outside Mr. Crocker’s office. These tulips will bloom in the spring at which there might be a small event held regarding their significance.

The club members will also be filling shoe boxes with school supplies and small Christmas gifts that are sent to a different third world country each year.

Lastly, the community project the club is working on is Trick or Treating for Canned Goods. On Halloween, you will see members of the Interact club going door to door asking for canned goods or cash donations to support the local food bank.

If you would like to learn more about any of these projects or you are considering joining the Interact Club please contact President Molly Thibault or Vice President Alexis Welch. The club meets the last Thursday of every month during homeroom in Frau Merrill’s room who is the group advisor.

Student Health Advisory Board​

The Student Health Advisory Board plans to focus on bettering the school climate within Boothbay Region High School. They are considering a few different initiatives to achieve this goal. They hope to re-implement spirit Friday, a monthly school assembly to reward outstanding citizenship and showcase some community or school talent. Lincoln Academy does something very similar and they call it Community Meeting Friday. The Student Health Advisory Board have asked me to include this video as an example. 

This assembly would take place during the first 30 minutes of homeroom once a month. They hope that this will be a fun way to bring the school together and recognize people who have made strides to improve school climate even when nobody’s watching. The club recently elected officials, making Lillian Sherburn President and Molly Thibault Vice President.

If you would like to learn more about the Student Health Advisory Board or join with the work they are doing, they meet every Wednesday after school from 1:30- 2:00pm with advisors Tammy Blackman, Anne Barker, and Kacy Pound.  

Xanadu the Musical Coming to BRHS

Coming this weekend to BRHS is Xanadu the Musical, a 1980s explosion that combines Greek Goddesses, magic, and roller skating in one.

The show follows aspiring artist Sonny Malone in 80s Venice Beach, California as he attempts to open the world’s first roller disco. He is helped along the way by the Muses of Inspiration. The road to the disco is challenged by jealousy, a curse, and falling in love.

The cast includes:

Gabe Purin (Sonny Malone), Gretchen Elder (Clio/Kira), Annielyn Mackusick (Melpomene), Marissa Farnham (Erato/Hero), Jaime Wheeler (Thalia/Aphrodite), Draco Peaslee (Danny), Sierra Murray (Calliope), Hayden Brewer (Zeus), Oliyshia Carrow (Euterpe/Thetis), Emory Lorrain (Terpsicore/Hermes/Cupid)

This is a one weekend event! Shows are Saturday, May 14th at 2 pm and 7pm and Sunday, May 15th at 2 pm!

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Math Team

Math team has had an incredible year thus far! They can in second place out of small schools for the year in the Central Maine Math League with Connor Demmons coming in 5th out of all sophomores in the league for the year, and first in the MVC math meet with Connor Demmons bringing home first out of sophomores and first overall, Griffin Kane bringing home first for juniors, and Marinel Demmons bringing home third in seniors and forth overall! States is on April 5th as the last meet of the 2015-2016 math team year, go math team!