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Boys Basketball

The boys team made it to Class C South Boys’ basketball this year. They finished their season with at 12-8 record. Coming in the boys were up against number two team Winthrop, who had a strong man-to-man defense leading to Boothbay struggling the entire game. Which made it difficult for the boys to play an effective offense. Nick Gorey and Abel Bryer were the leading scorers with eleven points each. Their defeat against Winthrop ended their season.

Girls Basketball

The Boothbay girls basketball team battled Narraguagus High School for Class C State Basketball Championship. Boothbay started strong against their opponent, hitting two of their first three shots and having a 7-2 first quarter. Yet Narraguagus caught up quickly. Boothbay coach Tanner Grover said the game came down to missing too many open shots.

“In all honesty, the ball didn’t bounce our way,” he said. “We had some good shots against their zone that just didn’t go down. It probably was one of our worst shooting nights, and it definitely came on the wrong night.” When interview by Bill Pearson of the Boothbay Register. Faith Blethen was Boothbay’s top scorer having nine, then Hannah Morley six will two three pointers. This was the girls second time appearing at a state final. Boothbay won its only state championship in 1984.