What to Create?

They laugh and mock
Ideas being tossed around
Everybody wants to talk
And give their voices a sound

They cannot settle
They cannot agree
They support their own
And scoff at me

The options soon dwindle
They start to decide
Jokes add to the trouble
Like fire with kindle

Teacher roasts.
That could work.

Greg Silverstein


The Yuda Band Project

As you may know, the Interact Club will be selling yuda bands in order to sponsor Karla Paredes Huz who is in the 10th grade from San Martin Jilotepeque, Guatemala. The money from these bands will go to further her education. This project is amazing because by giving the gift of education to one child it allows them to provide education for generations to come. The group will be selling the bands at most home basketball games and during locker break on the landing near the snack cart. They will start selling Wednesday the 7th and will conclude on the 21st. Give the gift of wearing the movement this Christmas.

This video is not about the student we are sponsoring, but it does tell a lot about the project itself.