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Mathletes Strike Again

The Boothbay Math Team had their third meet last week in Rockland already. Top scorers for Boothbay were Connor Demmons (52) (holy darn!!), Sam Betts (35), and Max Hoecker (27). Boothbay came in fourth in the meet.

For the 2016-17 season, Boothbay is in a low seventh place with 457 total points, trailing local rival Lincoln Academy by a mere 345 points placed in second. “You know, we are in a low right now as a team, mentally and emotionally. As a crucial member of the team, I plan on raising my team’s emotions just before we all sit silently for twelve minutes and do some dank math,” said Griffin Kane, an avid senior mathlete who said he plans on joining the 2017-18 math team as an assistant coach to the Gilchrists.

Boothbay Juniors make up a majority of the math team. In the Central Maine Math League, Connor Demmons (121) is in third, Max Hoecker (79) is in eleventh, Kyle Alley (31) is in thirty first, and Hailey Greenleaf (29) is in thirty second overall. When inquiring non-mathletes why they have not joined already, many anonymous members spoke of the overwhelming “clique” state of the team of juniors as well as finding no time on Wednesday afternoons to come to the practices because of their prescheduled “lavender bubble baths.”

Math Team practices are on Wednesdays from 1:45 pm to 2:45 pm. Come join the team and attend the next meet on January 25th and enjoy some magical snacks!!

The Math Team

The Maine Math League is under way and mathletes have already completed their second of 7 meets. 

Math meets are composed of 6 total rounds: 5 individual rounds and the team round. An individual round allows participants 12 minutes to answer 3 questions on a certain topic. Problem 1 is worth 3 points, problem 2 is worth 4 points, and problem 3 is worth 5 points. The points correlate with the questions’ difficulties, respectively. The team round consists of the top 10 scorers on each team to answer 9 questions in 12 minutes. To find the winning team of the meet, scores are taken from the sum of the top 6 scorers on each team.

Meet 2 covered the topics of arithmetic with ratio and proportion, series and sequences, counting principles and the Binomial Theorem, polynomials, and areas and volumes. Boothbay finished in third place with 157 points following Lincoln Academy (268 points) and Camden Hills (166 points).img_7054

Top scorers for Boothbay are Connor Demmons (71 points), Max Hoecker (59 points), Sam Betts (52 points), and Hannah Gentry (35 points). The next math meet will be held on December 7th at Oceanside High School covering the topics of probability, exponents and radicals, polygons and angles, complex numbers, and arithmetic with percent.

Come try out Math Team this Wednesday at 1:45 for some desserts and math.